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Happy Father’s Day to all dad and those who are or have become our dads.

I would like to report an error…

I would like to report an error…


Imagine your icon setting you down in a spacious room in front of a burning fire, slowly leaning in for a kiss to save you from a curse, stopping just before their lips touch yours, and their smile turns into a devious smirk as the whisper your name, followed by “If only there was someone who loved you.” Then they turn and walk away from you, putting out the fire, leaving you to die.

Guys…I wasn’t try to be passive aggressive…I just hate seeing the fandom hit an iceburg like this. 

May by this is all my Aspergers making me like this..I just don’t want people to leave because of one humor post. Heck, I bet the real Odd would of made that joke if he had a Tumblr. Stupid Aspergers/Mild Autism…making me be stupid in social situations. I just want us all to remain friends through this stuff!




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Been wanting to post this…Sorry for no Read more as I am on the Kindle

From the Grandma of the Code Lyoko fandom to the fandom…

What happen to us? Where did we all go? I had thought we would be a fandom to never die, to be a fandom of friends and be together as we watch other fandoms die?

I know other people have lives and now without anything new we are all fading…but why? This show had brought me friends here and off Tumblr when I was a kid. I have fond memories learning about Fanfiction from my best friend so I can read the Code Lyoko ones. I loved rubbing it in to others that the Code Lyoko site was never blocked by the school’s filters.

I know many are leaving…but I want you all to know that I never will. This group of boarding kids who are fighting for all of us will never leave me or my heart. All my Code Lyoko Muses and I shall never let XANA win in our hearts and make us leave. If I have to be the one who makes the gifs, screencaps, deep insight stuff…then I will. I will keep this fandom alive here!

Code Lyoko helped me when I was a teenager, heck it is helping me now make friends with all you wonderful people. It helped me see that friendships comes in many forms and shapes. That anyone can dream in the face of death. That life is a challenge no matter who you are.

I just wanted you all to know, even as I slowly join the Doctor Who fandom…Code Lyoko Fandom is one I will never leave as I watch the episodes every day as I work out or before I go to bed at night. Even as I re-watch the series for the 100th time I will still love these warriors.

Take care if you leave and know you are always welcomed back with open arms. My Muses of ANA, Alice, JerX and Jeremie shall always be around for anyone to talk to and remember the show that united us all.